Portatīvais mesh nebulaizers NANO AIR. Portable mesh nebulizer NANO AIR. Портативный сетчатый ингалятор-небулайзер NANO AIR
Portable mesh nebulizer (inhaler) NANO AIR
Portable mesh nebulizer (inhaler) NANO AIR
Portatīvais mesh nebulaizers NANO AIR. Portable mesh nebulizer NANO AIR. Портативный сетчатый ингалятор-небулайзер NANO AIR
Portable mesh nebulizer (inhaler) NANO AIR
Portable mesh nebulizer (inhaler) NANO AIR
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Portable mesh nebulizer (inhaler) NANO AIR

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An indispensable assistant in the family first aid kit

Portable Mesh Nebulizer NANO AIR

The EVOLU NANO AIR Nebulizer is a wireless, silent, USB rechargeable medicine device for delivering drugs to the respiratory tract. Suitable for use by people of all ages. Convenient to use at any time. The nebulizer sifts liquid through tiny holes in a membrane mesh, passing medication through approximately 1,000 precisely shaped microscopic holes, creating a fine aerosol mist (1–5 µm). When inhaled, the drug enters and is absorbed in the mouth, throat, trachea, bronchi, alveoli, etc. of the patient, in those places where it is most needed and will be effective. Suitable for the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, and other respiratory diseases affecting the upper and lower respiratory tract, such as colds.

EVOLU NANO AIR nebulizer is the latest generation of portable drug delivery systems activated by Mesh Technology. The nebulizer nozzle releases drugs through its unique geometry, forming a perfectly fine mist for targeted delivery to the affected area.

EVOLU NANO AIR is a small, silent and lightweight device. Add the medicine and the device is ready - you can carry and use it anywhere.

Why is this inhaler ideal for you?

Here are some benefits of this product:


The principle of operation of the inhaler is determined by converting the medicinal liquid into a light mist that reaches the lower respiratory tract.


The unit has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can deliver power for up to 60 MINUTES continuously after full charge.


Anytime, anywhere: EVOLU NANO AIR nebulizer ultra-light and compact will not take up much space in your bag! For easy storage and transportation, the nebulizer comes with a protective case.


Allows you to inhale children while they sleep, and the sealed chamber of the inhaler allows you to inhale at a slight incline, without having to wake the child to perform the procedure.


With complete accessories (1 mask for adults, 1 mask for children and 1 mouthpiece), small and practical size, reliable quality and sweet appearance, the device is perfect for the whole family.


With removable nozzles, this unit is easy to disassemble, clean and disinfect. It is compact and powered by a USB rechargeable battery.


  • Great portability - ergonomic design that can be used on the go;
  • Extremely quiet and light, can be inhaled while the baby is sleeping;
  • A large selection of different medications for inhalation therapy are compatible;
  • No heat transfer to medication;
  • Delivery of aerosol at high speed;
  • Compatible materials suitable for all medical and pharmaceutical applications;
  • Low power consumption. Runs directly for 10 minutes and up to 60 minutes on full battery;
  • Comes with easily replaceable face masks for adults / children and mouthpiece;
  • A button. User-friendly interface;

  • Power Supply: DC 4.8V (Inbuilt lithium battery) or DC 5.0V with AC adapter;
  • Power Consumption: <4.0W;
  • Nebulization Rate: 0.15ml/min~0.9ml/min;
  • Partical size: 1μm~5μm;
  • Fine particle fraction (FPF) 83,13%;
  • Working Frequency: 110kHz±10kHz;
  • MMAD (Mass median aerodynamic diameter): 2.5μm±30%;
  • Medication Liquid Temperature: ≤45℃;
  • Medication Cup Capacity: 10ml;
  • Product Size/Weight: 37.6mm(L)×37.6mm(W)×97.7mm(H)/100g;

  • Inject the liquid: Open the medicine cap and add the liquid to the medicine container.
  • Connect the accessories you want to the device: Nozzle, mask for children / adults.
  • Take the device to your mouth and hold the mouthpiece tightly with your lips. When using the mask, place it over the nose and mouth without covering the eyes.
  • Start the unit by pressing the START / STOP button.

  • Main Unit;
  • Medication cup;
  • Adult mask;
  • Child mask;
  • Mouthpiece;
  • User manual;
  • Warranty card;
  • Velvet bag;
  • Micro USB cable;

What is the operating time of one cycle of the EVOLU NANO AIR inhaler-nebulizer?

The atomizer can be set to run for up to 10 minutes and will switch off automatically after 10 minutes.  If you need to continue using, turn on the product again using the ON/OFF switch. Make sure there is enough liquid in the medicine cup.

How often should the NANO AIR inhaler-nebulizer be cleaned?

In order to avoid sticking of the holes in the sieve disc, it is necessary to clean the device after each use of the device. Please refer to the instructions for the cleaning method.

Which drug is more suitable for nebulization?

Consult a doctor for advice, only doctors can choose a drug for treatment.

Is it allowed to use essential oils and oil solutions for inhalation in the EVOLU NANO AIR nebulizer?

The use of essential oils and oil-containing medicines is not allowed - this may damage the product.