Infrasarkanais bezkontakta termometrs trīs vienā NON CONTACT. Infrared thermometer 3 in 1 NON CONTACT. Инфракрасный бесконтактный термометр 3 в 1 NON CONTACT
Infrared thermometer 3 in 1 NON CONTACT
Infrasarkanais bezkontakta termometrs trīs vienā NON CONTACT. Infrared thermometer 3 in 1 NON CONTACT. Инфракрасный бесконтактный термометр 3 в 1 NON CONTACT
Infrared thermometer 3 in 1 NON CONTACT
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Infrared thermometer 3 in 1 NON CONTACT

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An indispensable tool in the family first aid kit

Infrared thermometer NON CONTACT 3 in 1

Intended to measure human body temperature in the ear canal, on the forehead, as well as the ambient temperature

EVOLU NON CONTACT infrared clinical thermometer is designed to accurately determine the human body temperature on the forehead, in the ear canal without contact with the body, as well as to determine the environment temperature (from 0 °C to 100 °C). Allows you to recognize the result in just 1 second. You can read the measurement result perfectly at night and evaluate it immediately, as the backlight adapts color to the measured temperature, from too low to too high (green, yellow, red).

EVOLU non-contact infrared clinical thermometer will impress you with its cutting-edge design, high measurement accuracy and functional design. It is indispensable in any home first aid kit, and especially in families with children, since the silent mode allows you to measure the temperature without sound and without touching, even during sleep, without disturbing the sleeping child. Ultra-lightweight, ideal for self-measuring temperature.

With high precision and fast readings, the latest infrared technology, a non-contact design, fever alert, and color-coded backlight, this thermometer for adults and children is ideal for use at home, in hospitals, kindergartens, schools, offices, shops, and more!

Why is this thermometer ideal for you?

Here are some benefits of this product:


Measures the temperature of the body (on the forehead and in the ear canal), liquid, and the environment, which is very convenient if there is a need to measure not only body temperature but also, for example, the temperature of food for a baby, water in a bath or air temperature in a room.


Accurately measures body temperature within 1 second and without body contact - suitable for all age groups including adults, toddlers, children and the elderly. Ideal solution for families, kindergartens, clinics and schools.


The digital clinical thermometer provides absolutely reliable readings with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 °C, and the silent mode allows you to take the temperature without sound, without disturbing the sleeping child.


The LCD screen is displayed in the color scheme "traffic light" "(green, yellow, red) for real-time recording of body temperature, even in the absence of light:

  • Green color - temperature from 34 to 37.1 °C
  • Yellow color - temperature from 37.2 to 38.1 °C
  • Red color - temperature from 38.3 to 43 °C


The memory for up to 9 measurements allows control of any temperature fluctuations and the course over a certain period of time. The touchless, multifunctional, infrared thermometer 3in1 from EVOLU is suitable for the whole family thanks to the special construction of the memory.


In silent mode you can measure the temperature without sounds or touches so as not to disturb your child's sleep - super handy for families with babies.


  • Non-touching type infrared measurement of ear/ forehead temperature;
  • Multiple colors and backlight display: White, Green, Orange and Red;
  • Memory for 9 measurements;
  • Switch between Fahrenheit °C and Celsius °F (default is Celsius °C);
  • Instant measurement result within 1 second;
  • Convenient and economical design without the need to purchase an additional earmuff, which helps to reduce subsequent costs;
  • Sound on/off function;
  • The device's idle time is 30 seconds, after which the power turns off automatically;
  • CE and FDA certified;
  • Stylish travel case - keep the thermometer safe;
  • The warranty period of the device is 2 years (does not apply to components);

Accuracy: (35.0 ° C ~ 42.0 ° C) ± 0.2 °C, other temperature: ± 0.3 °C;

Power source: two pieces of 1.5 V AAA batteries included (alkaline batteries are recommended to use);

Automatic shutdown: 30 seconds;

Memory: 9 measurements;

Measurement mode: Body and object, ℉ and ℃ units;

  • 1x thermometer;
  • 2x AAA batteries;
  • 1x travel case;
  • 1x manual;

What distance from the pan should the temperature be measured?

The measuring distance should be 0~5mm from the forehead.

How to switch of °F or °C?

In the off state, press and hold the "mem" button for 6-8 seconds until the symbol (°F) or (°C) appears on the screen. Then select the required parameter by pressing the same “mem” button. Wait 8 seconds for the device to turn on automatically, or press "ON/OFF" to turn off the device.

What needs to be done to start measuring the temperature in the ear canal?

To measure the temperature in the ear, remove the cap designed to measure the temperature on the forehead, the thermometer will switch to the desired mode automatically.

How do you get the batteries out?

By pressing lightly on the bulk at the bottom.

How to turn off the sound?

In the on state, pressing the "mem" button, you can turn the sound on or off.