EVOLU NANO AIR Medication Cup
EVOLU NANO AIR Medication Cup
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EVOLU NANO AIR Medication Cup

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An indispensable tool in the family first aid kit

EVOLU NANO AIR Medication Cup


Medical goods. 

Medication cup for EVOLU NANO AIR nebulizer.

With removable nozzles, this unit is easy to disassemble, clean and disinfect.

  • Never leave medicine in Medication cup after use!
  • Always clean thoroughly after each use according to the instructions!
  • Never turn on the nebulizer, in which there is an empty cup without medicine!
  • Periodically disinfect according to the instructions!
  • Warranty period - 6 months!
  • Failure to follow the above instructions may result in permanent damage to the cup, as evidenced by:

           - not sprayed, fog is not formed;

           - fluid accumulates behind the outer part of the membrane;

           - a white precipitate is formed that clogs the membrane;

           - Medicine residue sticks to the screw cap.

  1. Take out the EVOLU NANO AIR Medication cup from the package.
  2. To remove the previous Medication cup from the EVOLU NANO AIR nebulizer, there is a “press” button on the back panel - holding it, move the medication container up - it will separate from the nebulizer itself magnetically. 
  3. When installing a new Medication сup, there is no need to press the "press" button. When you put it on top, you press it lightly and you will hear a "click" - this means that it is installed in its intended place.
  4. You fill in the medicine - and you can start the nebulizer.